Richard Regalado
Pizza Chef London

During my time within the pizza industry, I have worked as a head chef and instructor in various restaurants throughout Italy, London and the rest of the UK. I started out as a chef in Italy and worked there for 22 years, which led me to open my very own restaurants in the Vicenza area of Italy.

My pizza school is based in London, but I also offer various courses and consultancy services to clients based in London and the surrounding areas. I have over 25 years experience and the pizza course I offer is designed to help you become a professional pizza chef without having to work in the industry for years. Completing the pizza course I offer will give you the same skills as a pizza chef who has years of experience.

The Course

My pizza school is based in London and I offer fantastic pizza courses to clients throughout London and the surrounding areas. All of the pizza courses that I offer in London last for 10 days, and span Monday-Thursday from 8 am-12 pm.


I offer expert consultancy services to businesses who are looking to perfect their menu, specifically their pizzas. I’m able to travel to various businesses throughout London and the rest of the UK, and offer advice on various aspects of pizza making.

Richard Regalado

I was a head chef in Italy for 22 years and I owned 3 restaurants in the Vicenza area. I also worked in a London-based restaurant where I was head chef for 3 years. Now, I’m a chef at a London based restaurant called Yard Sale Pizza, which is where I conduct my pizza courses.


  • I took part in one of Richard’s pizza courses, during the course I learnt a range of skills about traditional pizza making and baking. I now have a better understanding of the different types of dough techniques and the perfect baking time for pizzas. I would highly recommend this course for anyone aspiring to become a pizza chef.

    Barbarossa Restaurant
  • Taking part in a pizza course with Richard Regalado Pizza School, has helped me develop my knowledge and understanding of traditional oven baked pizzas. Since attending the course, I have recommended it to many of my colleagues in the industry.

    Barbarossa Restaurant
  • Richard helped us develop our pizza business, he trained us on the different types of pizzas and helped us develop a menu that would suit our customers tastes. Since working with Richard on a consultative basis, the business has gone from strength to strength.

    The Slinky Fox

Pizza Course Overview

At Richard Regalado Pizza School in London, I offer a professional pizza course, where you will learn to become a professional pizza chef; perfect for any aspiring chefs or as an additional skill for existing chefs.

The pizza course that I offer to customers throughout London and the surrounding areas, is held at Yard Sale Pizza, where I am also a Chef. My pizza course will give you the base to develop your skills and knowledge to help you progress in your pizza chef career.

With such a great pizza training course we have attracted the attention of people throughout the UK to our course and London being one of the popular places for my pizza courses. If you require additional information on the pizza courses that we offer in the London area, don’t hesitate to call Richard Regalado Pizza School today.