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Born in Italy, I trained as a pizza chef learning the art of traditional wood-stove pizza making. I was taught by one of the all-time pizza chefs Master Simone Padoan along with Cristian Zaghini, Marco Valletta and Roberto Ghiglia, where I learnt the traditional techniques used in pizza making. I spent 22 years as a head chef in Italy before moving to London. Whilst living and working in Italy I owned 3 restaurants in Vicenza. Working as an instructor in Italy, London and throughout the UK, I have been able to hone and develop my skills as a pizza chef and instructor.

Now, I work as a chef in a restaurant in London called Yard Sale Pizza and offer pizza courses and consultation services to clients throughout London. If you attend one of my pizza courses in London you will learn skills and tips including:

  • Chemical and Natural Yeast
  • Pizza Dough Stretching
  • Different Types Of Dough
  • Yeast Consistency
  • Wood Oven Temperatures
  • How To Read Flour Descriptions
  • How To Spread Toppings
  • Pizza Desserts

Above are just a few of the main things that you’ll learn when you attend one of my pizza courses in London.

Due to my vast knowledge of being a head chef and experienced pizza chef, I also offer a consultation service throughout the London. During my consultation service, I will travel out to your business (such as your restaurant or hotel), and I will help you to set up the pizzeria section of your kitchen. I’ll train your chefs on how to properly roll the dough as well as some of the most important things about making pizza.

The Course

At Richard Regalado Pizza School, I offer a professional pizza course, where you will learn to become a professional pizza chef; perfect for any aspiring chefs or as an additional skill for existing chefs.

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Contact Details

If you require additional information on the pizza courses don’t hesitate to get in touch with Richard Regalado Pizza School today.

Yard Sale Pizza, Hoe St,
Walthamstow, London, E17 4SD

Telephone: 07493166250
Email: info@italianpizzaschool.co.uk